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An AdVENTURE into Intrinsic Vulnerability

In case you didn’t know, here’s prompt for this week: “Do it. Be true. Write truthfully for several paragraphs about your shortcomings, flaws, and mistakes.” Wow. I kind of feel like this one was directed at me (thanks, English teachers). I know I shouldn’t write anything incriminating (and I won’t), but I’ll go ahead and […]

Oops. Didn’t have Internet this weekend…back to Nature 9/15

With a theme so trivial and controversial in both Hawthorne’s time and modern times, it is no wonder as to why Hawthorne’s own beliefs and intentions are often questioned by snarky English teachers and helpless students alike. While there are no sex scenes or even explicit allusions to the adultery at hand, The Scarlett Letter […]

And the mother of the year award goes to…..

I think the day can be considered pathetic at the point in which my mind draws a blank when asked to write about my favorite children’s story. The day was so pathetic that I actually had to call my mom to ask what books I liked as a kid. Her answer, hands down: anything Amelia Bedelia. […]

Happiness is subjective.

If you want to know what essay I’m referencing to in this next English post, here you go: Recently in my US history class, we analyzed the Bill of Rights from the Constitution. At the time, I thought the subject was rather boring, but reading this essay made me reconsider how I view the amendments. […]

Open your eyes. Sacrifice the guilt.

Something enkindles the embers within my mind lately. I feel like I’m fighting myself. Trying to figure out if it’s all worth it.  Do you ever feel like you’re watching your life as if you’re watching a movie? Out of touch with reality. Out of touch with yourself. As if you don’t exist.  Your thoughts are the narration. […]