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Farming is my destiny.

This is everything I know about my family history. Pretty interesting to figure out, considering that we just talked about immigration in history. Anyways, here it is. My dad grew up in a developing country (the island of Cyprus in the Mediterranean), and due to war and a lack of technology and education, not many […]

Sinking ships

“Loose Lips” written and performed by Kimya Dawson: Loose lips might sink ships but loose kisses take trips To san francisco, double dutch disco, Tech tv hottie, do it for scotty Do it for the living and do it for the dead Do it for the monsters under your bed Do it for the teenagers […]

[ig-ner-uh nt]

This one is kind of radical. If you’re wondering what I’m responding to, here you go: Seriously, Highland Park parents? You really want to ban several books that provide a medium for tolerance in critical thinking? You really want to say that “high school students should not be exposed to some of the hardships and […]

Blog it up, yo.

Hello! Go check out these other blogs that I’ve commented on and give them some feedback too. Keep on bloggin’, friends.