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Thank you, world.

The first song or album that I remember buying with my very own money was the album The Head and the Heart by….The Head and the Heart. Trippy, right? I guess they didn’t plan on making more albums. The story behind this choice brings back some really good and a few  bad memories. The first […]

Comments. Comments. Comments.

Hey, so it’s the end of the six weeks and we were assigned the task of commenting on our peers’ blogs. Here’s some of the ones I commented on. Check them out:


The blog part of this “blog”: I would first like to start off this blog by stating that I really miss when these blog prompts used to be less dry and vastly more enjoyable to write. While understanding wealth distribution is important and all, I really don’t think blogs such as the one I’m about […]

Karma, I think.

A response to TS Elliot’s “The Hollow Men”: Okay. Wow. So I really like poetry and I go to the poetry club every meeting and all of that. I read this on Monday night in a frenzy and didn’t really get the picture. I reread it Wednesday night and had a little bit better […]