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Growing up, my mom vowed to never ever get a dog, which never seemed to make much sense to me since she grew up on a farm surrounded by animals, dogs included. While my dad and I complied to that request, we did not comply to her demands for a cat because 1) I’m super […]

don’t judge me.

First of all, I’m sorry for the late response. Disney trip is over but now I’m with my parents in Florida and I don’t have access to a computer still, so I won’t be writing too much because I hate writing paragraphs on my phone. Okay, now on to the real stuff: racism. In my […]

Gone fishin’.

The rush of false happiness sprints through your empty veins as you conform to the growing expectation that you will, indeed, partake in the holistic ritual that is intoxication; whether it be intoxication by “love”, intoxication by elixir, or intoxication by greed, the tormenting result is all the same: a life so ironically filled with […]