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Gone fishin’.

The rush of false happiness sprints through your empty veins as you conform to the growing expectation that you will, indeed, partake in the holistic ritual that is intoxication; whether it be intoxication by “love”, intoxication by elixir, or intoxication by greed, the tormenting result is all the same: a life so ironically filled with feelings of inferiority, self-deprecation, and a yearning to do it all over again–despite knowing the risk that you may never be the same student, the same friend, or the same person; someone who was once so innocently miserable is now not a person but a machine and slave to the power of gluttony.


One comment on “Gone fishin’.

  1. I really enjoyed reading this post! It’s very elegantly written. Indulgence (I like how you chose this word) is something so harmful but at times so appealing. I agree with you, the easily felt feelings of inferiority that almost all people feel at least one point in their lives can be the means in which they fall into the trap of indulgence, the false or not lasting happiness that can in the end change our real identities, our personalities, and those beautiful, unique ideals that we believe in. And so, in my opinion, that’s why I think it is so important to be able to comprehend the possible detrimental effects in using something artificial to fill our lives with true joy and meaning, which is very well illustrated through your labyrinthine sentence!


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