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Growing up, my mom vowed to never ever get a dog, which never seemed to make much sense to me since she grew up on a farm surrounded by animals, dogs included. While my dad and I complied to that request, we did not comply to her demands for a cat because 1) I’m super allergic cats and 2) cats are generally terrible. Regardless of the lack of pets growing up, I still ended up okay until freshman year. I was trying to come up with a pet that doesn’t have all of the characteristics my mom is trying to avoid in a dog. After some research, I had it: A HEDGEHOG. Do hedgehogs bark? No. Do they need to be walked everyday? No. Do you have to take them out to go poo and subsequently have to pick up said poo? No. It was a perfect plan! I argued and argued and she still  wouldn’t compromise. It just wasn’t fair! Eventually the fight died down and both my mom and I signed a contract about getting the hedgehog. My dad went to San Marcos one day and picked her up: a beautiful, pokey little hedgehog named Charlotte. We got her sometime in April but coincidentally her birthday was only 4 days after mine.  Charlotte is pretty chill, asleep in her cage most of the day and awake running on her wheel at night. Her favorite foods are mealworms, chicken, and eggs. Her brain is about the size of a pea and she’s about as dumb and cute as any other hedgehog but she’s unique in one way: she’s missing an eye. It all started when she was about a year old. My friend and I built a maze for Charlotte to navigate and it was super funny. About a day later, we began to notice that her eye was quite inflamed and she noticed too. Charlotte began to scratch at her eye to the point that the eye was essentially destroyed. We took her to the vet and the only option was removal. $300 later (which is twice as much as she cost in the first place) we had our little one-eyed hedgehog. She obviously can’t see from that side of her face but now her other eye is clouded over, making us think that she’s probably blind in both eyes. But don’t worry, hedgehogs rely more on their sense of smell than their vision. Back to the mom thing, she ended up LOVING this hedgehog. She makes eggs for Charlotte and loves to spoil her. It’s kind of weird how things worked out with Charlotte, isn’t it? My mom loves her and Charlotte can’t even see how much we love her. Ha, get it? Because she can’t see. Okay, anyways I love this hedgehog and cats suck. Bye!


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