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All the warm fuzzies.

To say we had a few disagreements in our English class this year would be a quite an understatement. Whether it was Albert arguing over having to write a blog about a song or Connor generally saying something offensive (even to Mr. Williams’ face), it happened and I sure am glad that it did. Obviously, […]


Transcendentalism is pretty interesting to me. Not because it embodies most of what I believe in but because so many people live their lives in a way conducive with these ideals and don’t even know what transcendentalism is. So here is me explaining transcendentalism to all those folks. You know those “granola” people that go […]


I dig into soil, finding nothing important I was looking for. Finally, I find a fossil. A fossil consisting of my own body, hard and lacking a soul. I fathom a possibility that I could act as both this archaic lump and as my living vibrancy. Both dying without soul and living without knowing an […]