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This story is honestly so ridiculous and intriguing and wonderful in all the wrong ways. There were other important things that happened on my birthday( Feb. 6th): Ronald Reagan’s birthday, Queen Elizabeth’s coronation, Of Mice and Men was published, Reagan introduced his Reagan Doctrine (blegghhh); however, I wanted to go for the most gruesome and […]

Heaven Go Easy On Me.

The comic: Also, listen to this song because it is kind of pertinent (and it’s just a good song): After looking through around 20 of Tran’s comics, I still didn’t find one that spoke to me. It’s not that any of them were bad per se, but a lot of them were either […]


While wandering about the internet I found a plethora of interesting articles: one about a student working as a prostitute to pay for NYU’s soaring tuition, one about the ten foods college students eat the most, and one about this guy that hasn’t showered for 12 years. Alas, none of them were really news articles. […]

It’s good for the soul.

Being the social butterfly that I am, if I have a problem, I’m almost always going to physically talk to someone about it rather than actually writing something down. It’s upsetting to you, Lindner, I’m sure. Fortunately for you ( in a weird way), I occasionally fall into a rut where I don’t even feel […]