While wandering about the internet I found a plethora of interesting articles: one about a student working as a prostitute to pay for NYU’s soaring tuition, one about the ten foods college students eat the most, and one about this guy that hasn’t showered for 12 years. Alas, none of them were really news articles. Every news article I did find seemed so…I don’t know…boring? Depressing? News-y? Nothing ignited my tired brain enough to actually write; however, when I saw this article, my brain came out of its coma and was ready for action. It’s about a ridiculous dress code, and yes, I know that this topic is becoming very redundant (especially after the research/synthesis essays from last year) but this article just hit the spot for me. I’m sorry you people will have to read another rant about this, b2eaut here it goes…

The article: http://www.today.com/style/kentucky-student-violates-high-school-dress-code-exposed-collarbone-t3921111898714_10205047610205315_6689208938970330131_n

This girl in Kentucky was sent home from school to change because she was dressed “inappropriately” according to her principal. She returned to school wearing a scarf to cover what little skin was already showing, and was sent home again for giving the principal attitude when the principal asked her to cover more of her skin with her scarf. The girl’s mother was outraged and wondered “‘What did he want her to do, to tie it like a noose around her neck!”‘.The principal later stated that he was willing to amend the dress code at the school if the girl’s mother was willing to come up with a reasonable dress code. Although the case was handled better than most, it is still a ridiculous thing to stumble over in an educational environment.

It astonishes me that to this day in age we still value men’s education over women’s. First of all, look at this picture. Does this girl look like she’s attempting to distract boys? Does her collar bone really make you sexually excited? Do the 5 in2 of her skin actually showing cause your education to be compromised? The answer is no.

The fact that girls are sent home or taken out of class to prevent boys from becoming distracted implies a few things: 1) heteronormativity. The focus of taking girls out of class is almost always for men’s benefit because schools often assume that all women are pursuing men and all men are pursuing women. Definitely not realistic. 2) it also implies that the problem is rooted in women dressing improperly, not in men being improperly taught that women are objects that are impossible to resist. 3) it implies that the net learning of all students would be increased by taking girls out of class.The girl’s mother also made this point in the interview, stating that it was ridiculous that “‘Parents are being called away from their important jobs and students are missing important class time because they are showing their collarbones!’” There are so, so, so many things wrongs with the pattern of thinking that dress codes imply.

I could honestly go on for hours about this subject, but with a physics test, a calc quiz, and and AP gov test tomorrow, this post is to be continued another day. We should keep open and optimistic minds always, and I really do try, but when I see articles like this, I can’t help but feel like I really don’t matter to the school I go to as a woman.


6 comments on “Newsflash.

  1. I totally agree with you on so many things in this post. Dress code doesn’t affect me at all so I’m not sure if I can have an opinion on whether it’s necessary or unnecessary. However I do agree that the girl is not dressed distractingly. She’s simply wearing a shirt, cardigan, and jeans. It is definitely beyond on fair for her to be sent home over that.
    I also like that you included the word “heteronormativity.” Definitely adding that to my vocabulary. This is such a huge problem in our conservative town. It’s unfair to assume EVERYONE is heterosexual and, in this case, that every boy in the school is going to be looking at this girl’s chest. I can agree with you on the fact that girls are always told that they’ll attract the wrong man if they show “too much” skin when in reality men don’t and shouldn’t look at all women sexually, especially in a school environment. You nailed it!!


  2. […] Christi’s : she talks about how dress code can be problematic in schools.  […]


  3. AHHHHHHHH!!!!! Yes!! By just looking at the picture, I was outraged that she was seen as inappropriately dressed. How much more could she cover?! Mr. Young talked to my class about it one time, saying it was unfair because it makes girls think that their body is communal. I hadn’t thought about it like that before he said it, but it so true! You also kind of said that when you talked about how its unfair that girls are seen as inappropriate, when in reality, if a boy is thinking sexual things, its his fault! You nailed it!


  4. As someone who has been suggesting an article about dress code in newspaper (my dream finally came true this six weeks! Yes!) for about 9 months, I FEEL YOU. I don’t particularly like dress code in general (Definitely still not salty about how I missed a class on the first day of school last year for a pair of shorts that were “technically in dress code, but still a little on the line”…), but this specific situation really irked me.

    Honestly, I’m not sure how this school went this long without some sort of protest or anything… their dress code is reminiscent of the 1800s. No collarbones? What’s next, no ankles? No faces? How about women just go back to their kitchens and learn more practical skills, like cooking or cleaning, huh???

    I agree with all the points you brought up; by having this dress code, the school is suggesting that male education is more important than that for females and that all girls are are sexual objects meant to be stared at. I’m not a boy, so I really can’t understand, but I’ve always thought that administration really does overexaggerate guys’ “uncontrollable hormones.” It’s actually an insult if you think about it… the administration is really saying that guys can’t even control themselves enough to pay attention in school when they’re around girls.

    /sigh/ All I want to do is just wear some shorts. -_-


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