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How to: My Dad’s Baklava

I remember making this recipe with my dad when I was barely old enough to walk and talk. He created this simple recipe after moving to the United States, feeling deprived of his one true love: baklava. While it’s not the traditional rendition, it is one that is easier, (a little bit) healthier, and tastier […]

It’s (kind of) all Greek to me.

Growing up, my dad would tell me and my sister all sorts of stories to keep us entertained on the way to our Greek Orthodox church 30 minutes away from where we used to live in Florida. Sometimes it was partially true but mostly untrue stories about some Greek friend he had named Panagiotis (Παναγιώτης). […]


Here’s Minha’s take on the O’Brien controversy: Pancho discusses a doctor’s experience during the war and the dangers of war: Stephanie’s (?) post about one of her favorite songs:

The Little Red Button

I’m sitting here on this aggressively bumpy bus ride on the way to the Livingston football game (perhaps one of the last games of my high school career) and I notice a little red button opposite me labeled “reset button”. Its purpose is unknown to us mere band students, but in my sentimental state I […]