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Hamlet Art

Blogs like this make me┬áresent writing blogs. Ugh. If you’ve been reading our blogs lately and wondering where the passion is, that’s the reason. I think a lot of us have given up on trying to make┬áboring prompts not sound too poopy, unfortunately. Alas, here is some stuff about Hamlet. As you can see, this […]

Hamlet (Ham+Omelet)

First of all, I read through most of Act I and II of this first quarto and aside from a few spelling differences and a few lines that were taken out, I really don’t think it’s that bad. Am I missing something? It honestly aligns pretty well with the plot and I don’t think it […]


First of all, sorry this is a little late. My birthday was yesterday and I vowed that I wouldn’t do homework. Anyways, this week we were told to read the “Havamal” which is a collection of Norse poems that act as tidbits of advice. I found verse 12 quite interesting: A worse provision no man […]