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First of all, sorry this is a little late. My birthday was yesterday and I vowed that I wouldn’t do homework. Anyways, this week we were told to read the “Havamal” which is a collection of Norse poems that act as tidbits of advice. I found verse 12 quite interesting:

A worse provision
no man can take from table
than too much beer-bibbing:
for the more he drinks
the less control he has
of his own mind.

Essentially, this verse is stating that there’s not much worse a thing someone can do than drink too much, because it diminishes control of their mind and can cause them to act foolish.

I know it’s probably implied, but I’ll go ahead and say it: most of us are going to party at least a little bit when we go to college next year. It’s a pretty normal developmental thing to try alcohol while in college, and this verse is pretty applicable in that sense. While some people might be able to drink a large quantity of alcohol without negative effects, there are plenty of people who cannot and it’s beneficial for all of us seniors to understand that we need to know out limits in that respect. Not only can you end up making a fool of yourself, or end up making a lot of enemies, you can also end up vulnerable to sexual assault or worse. Be careful.

The Great Gatsby is the first book that comes to mind when I think of alcohol in literature. Throughout the novel, we can see that alcohol plays a big part in Jay, Daisy, and Tom’s illustrious lives. However, everything falls apart one summer say after drinking some whisky, and in a way, everybody in the novel either loses their life or their mind because of this alcohol filled lifestyle. If alcohol wasn’t such a big part of their lives, this would have been a very different book with a very different ending. Even the Vikings new better than they did.


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