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Here’s the scene: You’re in a train station. A train arrives, but it’s not the one you’re waiting for. As you watch a few people come and go, you notice a strange scene in the last car of the train. Only two people are inside–a young man and an older woman. They appear to be having a very animated discussion. The young man is clutching a large box to his chest. The woman is wearing a bizarre hat and holding a large map, which she continues to turn this way and that

I see a young man and an old lady frantically discussing something in a train car. The year is 2056. Somehow, trains are still a well used mode of transportation. I walk up to the old man and ask who he is. Frantically, he responds “my name is Donald Trump. You better get out of here fast; something is wrong with this train car! Me and Hillary were told to walk into a room to take a photo of the republican and democratic nominees and all of a sudden we ended up as this young stud and old hag trapped in a train car! The only clue we have is this piece of paper that says ‘figure out a way to make America great again’.”

What the hell are they talking about? America hasn’t existed since Ted Cruz became president with Rick Perry as his vice president in 2016 and Rick accidentally told ISIS the US military plans. Who knew ISIS had atomic bombs lol? I’ve read papers about Donald Trump but he appears to be the complete opposite of what I’ve read. All the papers said he was a fascist, racist, orange, ugly man, but right now he looks kind of cute and he even warned me to keep out of the train. I mean, I guess maybe not all things have changed; he did bring a large box of money as his tool to make America great again. What’s that supposed to do?

Hillary Clinton kind of seems exactly how  I read she would be. She’s kind of old and she doesn’t totally seem to know what she’s doing. She keeps turning this way and that as if changing directions every three seconds and changing her mind would convince Donald that she actually knew what she was doing. They seem to be yelling at each other, but it’s not about politics as it was 40 years ago. Who knows what they’re thinking, yelling at each other. I think they might be on psychedelics. Well, there they go on their train. I’m confused.



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