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English is (s)lacking.

The word that I think the English language needs but lacks is one that describes the feeling of being stressed out in efforts to please someone. For anybody who has ever been in a relationship or anybody who is very anxious (like me) and always worries about pleasing people, you’ll know the feeling I’m talking about. The word I propose is simple: plessed (pleasing+stressed). In the current English language, one can say that they’re stressed or that they’re pleasing or catering to someone, or that they’re stressed because they’re trying to please someone but that all takes too much work and too many words.

Example: Man, last week I was so plessed trying to figure out how to ask Kara to prom. I knew she would say yes no matter what but I couldn’t decide how to make her the happiest. Being plessed is pretty bittersweet.


One comment on “English is (s)lacking.

  1. That’s a solid word. I’d use it.


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