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Warning: cussing ahead

There’s a lot of things on my mind at this time of year as I end a 13 year long trek and approach a much scarier yet hopefully fulfilling one (i.e: joining the corps and pursuing a degree in genetics and biochemistry at A&M), but I’ll try to sum all of these thoughts into one sentiment: stop being an asshole. I know I’m guilty of being one too so this isn’t me talking down to everyone reading this, but some people really need to listen.

While scrolling on facebook everyday, there’s a discomfortingly large number of family members, current consol students, and my fellow consol alumni  (wow, that’s the first time I’ve said that…weird) that share memes or post their own statuses that either 1) condone discrimination against women, LGBTQ people, people of other political parties, people of other races/ethnicities and people of religions other than Christianity or 2) condone violence against those people or 3) use some sort of bible quote to hypocritically justify their violence, bias, or discrimination towards these people. Although that’s distressing in itself, what is startling is that many of these people don’t even recognize that what they’re partaking in is downright nasty, ignorant, and often times, ironically unchristian; in fact, some think they’re doing a public service by informing people that they deserve to be deprived of rights or beaten up, or killed.

I’d love to sit here and write out a solution to each one of these forms of discrimination and/or harm, but that would take way too long. What I will do is say this: recognize your privilege and recognize the privileges or lack thereof of those around you. Recognize that not everybody is as blessed as you are. Recognize that each one of us deals with different problems in life and assuming that someone is lazy because they’re on welfare, or assuming they’re a child molester because they support transgender people choosing the right place for them to fucking urinate, or assuming that someone is a terrorist because they’re Muslim, or assuming that someone just doesn’t deserve the same human rights you do is unbelievably obtuse and alarmingly egotistical.

I know it’s not possible to change people’s minds about some things, but I hope that more people from Consol and more people from every walk of life choose to make the world a better place each and every day as they move on to college and new phases in life instead of indulging in behavior that only degrades our fellow humans. Help the old lady walk across the street; tip your waiter more than usually would; write a letter to someone that has changed your life; thank your parents/guardians; just do anything positive. If you were to die today, would you want to be remembered as the asshole kid who made life worse for others or would you want to be remembered as the kid who made the world a better place with each and every one of their actions? I know it’s cliché, but just keep it in mind. Just say no to assholery.


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